Bucket List Destinations

Do you ever dream about forgetting all adult responsibilities to go travel the world? I most certainly do! There are so many amazing places I would love to see and explore; so many different types of food I would love to taste; and so many different cultures I would love to learn about. Traveling is such an important part of my life — it challenges me to never stop learning, opens my eyes to the diversity of the world, and gives me new perspective.

When Alex and I got married in September, we created a bucket list of destinations we can’t wait to explore. Here are just a few we hope to cross off our list in the next several years!

Thailand & Cambodia
This is our next big adventure! Known for tropical beaches, royal palaces, ancient ruins, and temples displaying figures of Buddha, Thailand and Cambodia is the perfect Southeast Asian adventure.

Croatia is a Mediterranean lover’s dream come true. While a relatively new country — independence established in 1991, Croatia has thousands of years of history. Pristine beaches, medieval towns surrounded by stone walls, and beautiful national parks, we can’t wait to jet-set to Croatia. Did I forget to mention the Game of Thrones appeal?

Small Towns of Europe
When most people think of traveling to Europe, London, Paris, and Rome come to mind. But, what about the small European villages that hold onto traditional culture and offer a look into the past? We can’t wait to visit Bruges, Belgium; Colmar, France; Como, Italy; Liechtenstein; Hallstatt, Austria; and Bled, Slovenia.

Italy seems to have it all: romance, beauty, wine, and pasta. The perfect Italian trip for us would include Florence, Rome, Naples and Pompeii, and the Amalfi Coast.

Iceland, a nordic island nation, has a very dramatic landscape with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, and glaciers. It is probably one of the world’s most unique destinations, and what more could a native PNW girl ask for with endless hiking and beautiful backdrops for photo ops?! (Not to mention, free layovers when you fly Iceland Air!)

South of France
What is better than the French Riviera, glitzy nightlife, and an endless supply of wine? We are saving our South of France visit until the summer months to really soak in the sun!

As the basis for Western civilization, any history nut is bound to fall in love with Greece. And even if history isn’t your thing, I’m sure you won’t want to leave the land of sun-bleached ruins, crystal clear waters, and white-painted houses when its time to return home.

Torres del Paine National Park (Patagonia)
Known as the End of the Earth, Patagonia may be one of the most beautiful places in the world. With glaciers, lakes, and granite summits, one could never grow tired of the magnificent views. Despite having to take every mode of transportation — plane, car, hiking, horseback, and boating, we can’t wait to experience Patagonia firsthand.

The British Isles: England, Ireland, & Scotland
Alex and I will be the first to admit we are U.K. history nuts. (If you haven’t already watched The Crown on Netflix, go watch it now!) We loved our trip to London so much, we can’t wait to go back to explore the British Isles — including the English Countryside, Scotland, and Ireland.

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