Best Speakeasies NYC

One of our favorite things to do — whether abroad or in New York City — is to discover speakeasies. If you’ve never been to a speakeasy, I hope this post has you itching to come to NYC to check out some of my favorite cocktail establishments.

The Garret
About a year ago, when my mom was visiting us in New York City, Alex told us he had the perfect place in mind to end our evening. Before I knew it, we’re walking into Five Guys, and I have to say, I was a bit disappointed. We had just finished dinner, and I did not feel like a burger or shake! We reluctantly followed him to what looked like a closet, but instead, it was a staircase leading to The Garret.

The Garret is fairly small, but offers an intimate vibe and great views of Greenwich Village. It’s the perfect place to grab drinks and impress friends and family from out-of-town. (Look for the SOUL sign in the window!)

Raines Law Room
It took us nearly 2 years to visit Raines Law Room, but boy, it was definitely worth the wait! Once you locate the entrance, head down the stairs, ring the doorbell, and expect to be taken back to the 1920s. The underground bar, filled with curtained-off couches, is part-mystery, part-sexy. The extensive cocktail menu is organized by flavor profiles, and once you’ve decided on a drink, simply pull the lamp string to have your waiter approach and take your order!

Raines Law Room is the perfect date night — an intimate setting and exceptional cocktails. My best advice is to get a reservation, but reservations are only available Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays. If you plan to just show up…be prepared to wait (potentially for hours) or worst case, get told to come back another night.

Fig 19
Fig 19 is my favorite speakeasy in all of New York City. Its the type of place that only exists if you know what to look for. Located in the Lower East Side, Fig 19 sits at the back of a brightly-lit art gallery. Once inside, you find yourself in a dim, classical Prohibition-era bar. The drinks are refreshing and beautifully crafted, and the crowd is pretty eclectic — those looking to party and those looking for a good nightcap. Fig 19 will forever remain my go-to speakeasy in the Lower East Side.

Bathtub Gin
If you’re looking for a fun night out with friends, look no further than Bathtub Gin. Nestled inside the Stone Street Coffee Company in Chelsea, Bathtub Gin is a swanky speakeasy focusing on gin-based cocktails. The ambiance is intoxicating, and the crowd is nonstop. It’d be smart to get reservations to avoid waiting in line. This is the type of place that’ll have you coming back for more!

Death & Co.
Death & Co. is a sophisticated speakeasy with an extensive list of delicious cocktails. If you’re anything like me and have a hard time making up your mind, just ask your waiter to recommend or make a drink based on what you like! Death & Co. is first-come, first-serve, so be prepared to wait. Wood panels replace windows outside, and the interior is lit only by candles. This is the perfect spot for a small group get together.

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