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Working as a nurse (and especially working night shift), is tough. I often have random weekdays off while all of my friends are at their Monday through Friday, 9-to-5 jobs. Luckily, ClassPass came to my rescue! (We have a love-hate relationship, but more on this later.)

On my days off, I sign up for my favorite workout class, or if I’m feeling adventurous, I try something new! I usually pick a class based on location, so after working out, I can go explore — whether its window-shopping, neighborhood walking, or coffeehouse hopping. Here’s my review of my favorite (and not so favorite) studios in Manhattan!

The Fhitting Room
LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. This is probably the best high-intensity training class I have ever tried. The classes mix strength training, high intensity intervals, and total body movements into a 50 minute, all out, sweaty workout. Each class has two instructors, so there is always someone to help with form and modifications. (Also means you can’t slack off!) You leave exhausted and sore but always feeling accomplished.

Barry’s Bootcamp
I really wanted to love Barry’s Bootcamp because I’ve heard such good things, but it just wasn’t for me. Maybe it was just a bad experience at the studio or with the instructor, so I’m giving it another shot this upcoming week.

Similar to The Fhitting Room, Barry’s is another high-intensity workout class focusing on cardio and muscle toning. Since I don’t run, I did double floor — meaning, while everyone else ran, I did the floor exercises twice. I definitely woke up sore the next day, but I didn’t leave feeling like I had a great workout. Hopefully my next experience with Barry’s is better!

Oh SoulCycle, I love you. Now, if only my wallet felt the same way. SoulCycle is by far the best spin class I have ever taken. Regardless of studio — from Hollywood, to Austin, to New York City, I’ve only ever had amazing rides. You work every muscle in your body — from your legs to your abs and arms. If only I could win the lotto, I would buy all the classes in the world. (However! There are Community Rides where you can sign up and ride for free! Follow SoulCycle on Instagram for more details!)

For the last year, FlyWheel was my go-to spin class, until my good friend Britt introduced me to SoulCycle. (If only SoulCycle was on ClassPass…) The spin classes at FlyWheel are intense, you leave dripping sweat, and the instructors are motivating. Plus, there’s no fee for shoes, and there are always free bananas waiting for you after each class!

Barre is unlike any workout I have ever done, and I absolutely love it. Exhale is my favorite barre studio in New York City — the instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and hands on, always helping with form. Plus, the classes are challenging, your legs will shake, and you will sweat. I love the 45 minute power class on a busy day!

The Bar Method
If you find yourself in Brooklyn, check out The Bar Method in Cobble Hill! It’s slower-paced than Exhale, but its a great workout and the instructors are fantastic. Everyone’s on a first name basis, the classes are challenging, and the instructors always correct and help with form. This was my go-to studio prior to the wedding!

I love FlyWheel, so I thought I would love FlyBarre…but I’m really torn! I wake up sore the next day, but I’m not sure if its from bad form or from a good workout. The instructors aren’t very hands on, and there is a greater focus on abs than most other barre classes. At the end of the day, I’d much rather ride than barre with Fly.

My Love-Hate Relationship With ClassPass
ClassPass has changed drastically over the years. While I love the flexibility of attending hundreds and hundreds of workout classes in New York City, there is absolutely no basis to their new point system besides making a gigantic profit off us users. (That’s business, I guess…) Months ago, I could reserve any class I wanted, but now I have to worry about how many points each class requires. Plus, there’s a limit on how many times you can attend classes at the same studio. I’ve definitely found my favorite workout studios in the city, but I think it’s time for me to move on to something newer and better…

Which leads me to the studios I’m dying to try! First, Fit House — unlimited classes for just $99! Unbelievable! Especially in New York City! Classes range from high intensity interval training to barre, so I can’t wait to check this studio out. Next, SoulAnnex. Brand new custom classes, from toning to cardio and total body burn. Can’t wait. And finally, SLT! Strengthen, lengthen, tone.

What are your favorite workout classes in the city? I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Fantastic reviews! So many different and diverse workout options in the city. Really appreciate your honest reviews. Curious if you have favorite workout gear that you will share? Great blog, ❤️ following.

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