I created Brooklyn Wanderlust as a travel & lifestyle inspiration blog to share everything from my favorite travel destinations to my sometimes crazy, but always wonderful, adventures of a small town girl living in New York City. I am always dreaming and scheming of new adventures, and my bucket list of travel destinations never seems to stop growing. I am even dreaming of moving abroad before it’s finally time to settle down and adult. But for now, it’s work, work, work and soaking in everything this concrete jungle has to offer!

I’m a lover of tiny humans (hence, my career as a NICU nurse!), red wine, a good book, and Friends. I married the love of my life in September 2017, and between work, school, and life, we’ve somehow managed to live in almost every big city on the East Coast! (So if you need any recs for DC, Boston, or New York City, I’ve got you covered!)

I am so excited to see where Brooklyn Wanderlust goes, but mostly, I hope this blog inspires you to get out and explore the world, never stop adventuring, and make your travel dreams become reality!